As Much As You Know About Tea As A Tea Lover


Tea is a drink that is prepared from the dried leaves of the tea plant or small trees. Legend has it that tea was discovered by Emperor Shen Nung when he was boiling water next to a tree and the tea leaf accidentally fell into the pot. This infusion was very comforting for him, so he began to drink it constantly.

Tea is consumed by more than half of the world's population and can be drunk as a hot or cold drink. It contains a very low level of calories (2 kcal per cup) and is free of artificial colors or flavors.

The main properties of tea are:

1.     It prevents infections

2.     Helps to have a good digestion

3.     Helps keep your teeth healthier due to its high fluoride content

4.     Helps maintain younger skin due to its antioxidant property

5.     Improves the immune system

6.     It greatly prevents cardiovascular diseases

7.     Helps reduce the risk of cancer thanks to its property that contain catechins and prevent the proliferation of cancer cells.

Currently, there are different types of tea and each one has different properties that are beneficial for health, first of all, we have:

Green Tea:

Everyone can be healthy.

Green tea is one of the most popular and preserves a greater amount of antioxidants thanks to the fact that it undergoes a less and much more natural process than black tea. This tea is considered a true "natural medicine". Currently, there are two producers who are responsible for the production of this tea who are the Chinese and Japanese; its main difference is that Japanese green tea is steamed to stop its oxidation and thus preserve the flavor of the herb while Chinese green tea is dried in the oven or on the fire.

The Main Properties of Green Tea Are:

1.     Powerful antioxidant.

2.     It is purifying (helps to eliminate fluids) and very digestive. It can help you lose weight.

3.     It is rich in minerals, sodium, fluoride, and vitamins A, B, and C. These strengthen the immune system and can help the body protect itself from viruses or infections.

4.     If you are one of those people who need a stimulating drink to start the day, green tea is for you.

Preparation Method:

Green tea is low in theine and should be prepared with water that is not "boiling", as the leaves are cooked and the tea is too bitter.

With the water between 75 - 85ºC and between 2 and 3 minutes (2 minutes for Japanese teas), we will obtain a very aromatic and comforting infusion. The infusion is smooth and delicate, slightly herbal, and with yellowish, greenish, or golden tones.

Black Tea:

The one everyone knows

Black tea stands out for its flavor and properties. Its production allows the fresh Camellia Sinensis leaves to go through an oxidation process where the natural green color of the leaf turns to a dark brown color, making the aroma more complex and its flavor more intense. This oxidation favors the release of theine in the infusion.

1.     Black tea contains tanning agents and minerals, as well as vitamins and ethereal oils.

2.     The properties of black tea are:

3.     It has a high percentage of antioxidants

4.     It is satiating (you will eliminate the feeling of hunger)

5.     Low calorie content

6.     It stands out for acting in a relaxing way on the stomach

7.     According to several studies it prevents skin cancer

Preparation Mode

Classic black tea: 4 to 5 minutes.

Darjeeling tea: 3 minutes.

Broken leaf tea (Broken): 3 to 4 minutes.

Water temperature: 95 ºC.

White Tea:

The Fountain of Youth.

White tea is considered the most exquisite and refined since the youngest shoots are collected from the whole leaves, where all the energy of the plant is concentrated. This plant is one of the most beneficial for health since its flavor is considered exquisite and refined.

The Main Properties of White Tea Are:

1.     Its exquisite flavor and delicate aroma

2.     It has a reputation as the "Elixir of youth", as it has one of the most powerful antioxidants that nature offers us, and its results are visible in just a few months

3.     They are high in vitamins E and C

4.     Regulates blood pressure

5.  It has anticancer power

Preparation mode

Infusion: 3 to 5 minutes and Silver Needles: 5 to 7 minutes

Temperature: 75 ° C.

Red Tea- Puerh:

Excellent for burning fat.

Red tea has a very characteristic, strong, and earthy flavor and its color is a dark reddish hue. Its maturation process can take several years to doubt and it is particularly this fermentation process that gives red tea its appreciated color, flavor, and exceptional properties. Its main characteristic of tea is the elimination of body fat, three cups a day of this tea will help control fats in the body and reduce cholesterol and fat levels in the blood.

The properties of Red Tea are:

1. Helps to gradually eliminate fat in the body

2. It is a diuretic as it helps to relieve heavy digestion

3. Avoid possible diseases related to obesity, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, high cholesterol, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases

Preparation mode

Steeping time: 4 minutes

Temperature: 95 ° C

Note: It can be taken all day, especially after meals

Oolong Tea- Blue Tea: "Black Dragon"

Blue tea is a "halfway" between green tea and black tea, its production process is semi-fermented that resulting in a milder flavor than black tea, but stronger than green tea.

Due to its pleasant taste, blue tea is especially for those who want to start.

        a)     Great antioxidant power

        b)     Strengthens the immune system

        c)     It contains many vitamins and minerals

        d)    Help reduce blood pressure

        e)     Helps regulate cholesterol

        f)    It has the characteristic of burning fat but to a lesser extent than red tea but to a greater extent than green tea

Preparation mode

Steeping time: 5 minutes

Temperature: 90ºC

Note: It can be consumed after meals and afternoons.

Rooibos: The Little Tree of South Africa

Rooibos tea contains many health benefits, is a perfect alternative when looking to relax, has digestive properties, and is stimulant-free.

The properties of Rooibos Tea are:

1.                         1.  Quenches thirst

2. It is high in vitamins and minerals

3. Contains digestive properties

4. It has the property of being a relaxing tea

Preparation mode

5 to 7 minutes. Due to its low content of tanning agents, this drink retains its sweet taste even in longer infusion times.

Note: It can be consumed all day and accompanied by milk.

Now that you know what the types of tea are and the properties of each one, We invite you to change your eating habits by providing a cup of tea throughout your day, this will bring great benefits to you and your health.

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