What is Colon Cleansing? Benefits of Colon Cleansing in a Natural Way

benefits of colon cleansing in a natural way

There is nothing like feeling good about you, and for this we must take care of ourselves and listen to ourselves. On many occasions our own body speaks to us and screams at us to cleanse it. That is why, from time to time, a colon cleanse is not too much and helps us to detoxify our body from all the foods and drinks that we ingest on a daily basis.

The good weather arrives, the long summer dinners, meetings with friends, barbecues and beers, many "toxins" for the body that we must occasionally discard. In addition, cleansing the colon has many benefits that you may not have known about.

In this post we will briefly explain what colon cleansing is, the benefits obtained by doing it and the foods that we can take to cleanse the colon.

What is the Colon?

The colon is a long, hollow tubular organ that belongs to the digestive system. It is located in the final part of this, occupying most of the large intestine. It is the last structure to process food when the vast majority of the nutrients the body needs have already been absorbed by the body. Its main function is to extract water and nutrients from partially digested food and the remaining materials move through the colon, is stored as feces in the rectum, and is finally expelled from the body through the anus.

What is Colon Cleansing?

What is colon cleanse meaning? Colon cleansing, also referred to as colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy that involves flushing the colon with fluids to dispose of waste. It has been practicing around since ancient times, and the benefits are primarily based totally on the basis that digestive waste may be a toxin to the body.

Colon cleansing is something that many doctors have been recommending for years even to prevent related diseases. But, it is true that currently they also recommend doing it to help detoxify the body.

The colon is positioned in the digestive system of the body and measures about 1.5 m in length and 6.5 cm in diameter. It is accountable for absorbing water and storing solid waste. It is important to note that colon cleansing can be done through colon hydrotherapy, or a natural colon cleansing.

In this post, we are going to talk about the second option, natural colon cleansing, since it is the one that is available to everyone and from which we can all benefit. How? We tell you.

Naturally the body is able to cleanse itself of toxins substances; but sometimes it can use a helping hand. How do you know if you need your colon cleansed?

Signs of Colon Problems

  1. Fatigue. When you get 8 or more hours of sleep, despite you may feel tired and sluggish throughout the day.

  2. Weight Gain

  3. Pale Skin and Acne

  4. Digestive Problems

  5. Poor Concentration

  6. Bad Breath or Body Odour

Why is it Good to Clean the Colon?

What happens when your colon is dirty? Look, actually colons are loaded with a repulsive harmful sludge, the result of an improper diet and a toxic environment. This putrid waste sticks to the wall of the colon, promote the body weight and even worse, it releases foul and toxic contents into our blood, poisoning our whole system.

According to experts, the goal of colon cleansing is to remove any stagnant and supposedly toxic waste embedded in the walls of the large intestine. These substances could negatively affect health.

Although there is not enough research, experts who promote these practices say that cleaning the colon could have multiple benefits in the body.

Colon Cleansing Benefits

Although performing a good colon cleansing is beneficial, we must take into account certain precautions, since unnecessary risks can be taken. Like, for example, irritable colon. People who suffer from this disease should consult their doctor before doing a colon cleanse. But if we do it correctly, it can bring us many benefits:

colon cleansing benefits1

1. Optimizes the Absorption of Nutrients

Another colon cleansing benefit is that it optimizes the absorption of the nutrients we eat. When there is excess waste, the colon cannot properly absorb nutrients. For this reason, some foods that can reduce the intestinal flora are: fried foods and fats, processed foods, and refined flours.

2. Increase Energy

If the intestine is loaded with toxins or any type of waste substance, symptoms of tiredness, and or low energy may appear. Some people may even feel depressed.

3. Improves Liver Function

The microorganisms that inhabit the intestine act as a protective barrier, allowing only beneficial substances for the organism to pass through. When this intestinal barrier that protects us is damaged, it directly affects the liver, since they are organs that communicate.

4. Stimulates the Immune System

The intestinal flora plays a very important role in the body's immune response. A healthy and toxin-free digestive system helps prevent and have a greater resistance against diseases.

5. Helps in Weight Loss

Foods with little fiber stay in the intestine longer. With colon cleansing, possible accumulations of these foods are completely eliminated, which can lead to a slight weight loss.

6. Improves Bad Breath

A high population of harmful bacteria in the intestine can be the cause of bad breath. Detoxifying the intestine will prevent its proliferation.

7. Relieves Bloating and Gas

Sometimes, it is possible that the digestion process suffers alterations and the bacteria in the intestine do not process food well, giving rise to fermentation, constipation, parasites... that cause us these uncomfortable symptoms. Eliminating toxins from the colon greatly promotes good digestion.

8. Improves Mood

A balanced microbiota is essential to prevent and even treat emotional disorders. Therefore, ridding our intestinal flora of toxins is of great help.

9. Other Benefits are:

  • Rebalances the body
  • Triggers the lymphatic and circulatory system
  • Cleanses the intestine
  • Relieves constipation
  • It can prevent occurrences of headaches

How to do Colon Cleansing at Home: Home Remedies

Hydrotherapy techniques to cleanse the colon have been in vogue for some time, but the trend is shifting towards non-invasive procedures, just as attempts are being made to schedule as few colonoscopies as possible. If you want tips to cleanse the colon at home, we have -almost- all of them.

In recent years colon cleansing has become fashionable. It is promoted as a way to detoxify the body. Colon cleansing procedure such as hydrotherapy are on the lips of many people today, but be careful not to get carried away by popularity! Since they are procedures that can carry risks, as Dr. GarcĂ­a Landa, general and digestive system surgeon explains: "Colon hydrotherapy is not safe and can cause side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, dehydration, electrolyte abnormalities, acute kidney failure, heart failure, and infection."

Now the question is how do you clean out your colon? The good news is that here we are going to tell you about alternative ways to do a colon cleanse without resorting to invasive therapies. We bring you the best home remedies that aim to cleanse the colon naturally, helping to detoxify and purify the body -which, as we know, is something that the body already does by itself.

Ten Easy Tips of Colon Cleansing Naturally

What we show you below are recommendations from experts who promote natural intestinal cleansing. But there is something very important that you must do before getting down working with colon cleansing: consult your doctor in case any of these remedies may not be beneficial for your personal case. Remember! No one better than medical professionals to advise you. How to take care of colon health on a daily basis? Follow beneath: 

ten easy tips of colon cleansing naturally

1. Water

Water is very important substances for our body and up to 60% of the human adult body is water. We will discuss many elements that how we can get remedies to cleanse the colon and what is the best and safest colon cleanse? Using plain water is probably the best and safest way to cleanse your colon waste, harmful materials, and release constipation. Drinking water every day, and often, is the healthiest way to keep your system functioning as it should.

Drinking lot of water and staying body hydrated helps regulate digestion. For a colon cleanse, between six and eight glasses of warm water a day are recommended. Also, it is very helpful to stay hydrated by eating fresh fruits and vegetables that contain good amounts of water, such as watermelon or tomato.

2. Salt Water

How can I clean out my colon overnight? The salt water flush can be the best colon cleansing drink, and it is pretty simple. Mix a quart of warm water with two tablespoons of non-iodized salt and drink it on an empty stomach and this will stimulate colon movements quickly. It is actually very useful and you will get pretty goal to drink the whole thing in less than 5 minutes. 

3. Water with Vinegar

Water with vinegar is another good colon cleansing drink. Fill a glass with water and add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of honey. Stir it and drink this preparation daily. Honey itself is very beneficial for body and here will soften that sour taste.

4. Water with Lemon and Honey

It is known as colon cleansing juice, and pretty simple to prepare: squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass, add a teaspoon of honey, a little salt and mix it with warm water. Drink this juice in the morning regularly and on an empty stomach will have a positive result on your digestive health.

5. Herbal Teas

Herbal teas have antioxidant properties. If you are a 'tea lover' this is the perfect colon cleansing method for you. Daily taking infusions along with digestive and anti-inflammatory properties such as anise, mint, and sage tea which are known as colon cleansing tea or colon cleansing herbal tea that cleanse the intestine and help to remove toxins from the body and colon. Infusion drinks or teas with laxative herbs like aloe vera, the best colon cleansing laxatives, can improve constipation.

6. Pure Aloe Vera Juice

Do you have aloe vera at home? If yes, then take advantage of it. Take a half liter of water and squeeze two lemons in and then take the juice of a large freshly cut aloe vera leaf and add it. Drink this mixed water three times a day and over a period of two or three days to help cleanse the colon and remove potentially toxic waste.

7. Ginger

Ginger is known as “Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit.” Perfect natural ingredients and toxin eliminator for healthy digestive system. This root has anti-inflammatory properties and helps good digestion. Eat it raw if you dare with its citrus and spicy flavor or you can prepare it as an infusion. To make infusion, boil a good piece of ginger in a saucepan with water to get its juice, then heat approximately the amount of two cups of water, and add a quarter of a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice and then a tablespoon of the juice of ginger you have obtained. Mix the whole preparation well and drink it in two or three doses during the day.

8. Foods with Fiber

The increase in fiber in the diet causes the volume of feces to be greater and also the number of bowel movements. Fiber stimulates the helpful and good bacteria in your gut. That’s why foods rich in fiber such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and cereals cannot be missing from your shopping list.

9. Raw Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices and Smoothies

Drinking a daily glass of this type of juice made at home with the blender, the colon will eliminate toxic substances and remain clean of waste.You can use kiwis, bananas, apples with skin, pears, lemons or prunes among others.

10. Probiotics

These live microorganisms that are present in some fermented foods help cleanse the colon and stimulate helpful bacteria in the gut. These beneficial bacteria for intestinal health, help to evacuate the colon regularly and improve gas, bloating and constipation. In addition, they reduce the risk of infections. Yogurt, kefir, pickles, apple cider vinegar, some types of cheese, and other fermented foods contain high levels of probiotics.

Don't Hold the Urge to Go to the Bathroom

Bowel movements are the most natural way for your colon to stay clean and healthy. If you retain the feces inside, they can release toxic substances in the body. So if you feel like it, you know, don't hold back!

Do Exercise

Thanks to physical activity, blood flow and circulation increase. This makes the colon and, in general, the digestive system receives more oxygen, thus improving the health of our intestine. You don't have to give it your all in a high-intensity workout; you can breathe a sigh of relief. Practicing yoga, doing pilates or walking 15 minutes daily would be enough.

On the other hand, lately fasting is becoming fashionable as a colon cleansing method, which seems to be very effective if done correctly. Advocates of this practice claim that restricting food intake for up to 48 hours could relieve the colon and let it rest, thus slowing down the constant activity it usually has. As well as helping the kidneys and liver to remove harmful toxins from the body. Of course, this is not to stop eating until you see how long you can stand, no. Fasting must be scheduled and supervised by professionals and always with the authorization of the doctor.

Food Supplement: Supports Natural Body Cleansing Processes

Food Supplement colon cleansers help detoxify and rejuvenate your body.

A good colon cleanser helps to remove impacted waste, give support for good digestion, as well as cleanses your body.

Colon cleansing targets the longest part of the large intestine to support its natural cleansing systems. Though colon cleanses itself naturally, despite colon cleansers surely could aid your body’s natural detoxification processes that made with natural ingredients.

Today, you can find some colon cleanser supplements, colon cleansing kits, as well as home health guides to support cleanse your colon.

All colon cleansers claim to cleanse your colon. However, not all are made equal. We suggested some food supplement colon cleansers that tested to identify the best colon cleansers available today.

Best Natural Colon Cleansing Supplements

Colon cleansing products are among the best supplements to use to feel refreshed. These colon cleansing products can help detoxify and revitalize your body.


detoxyn food supplement

Detoxyn is a food supplement that helps natural body cleansing processes. This colon cleansing product has been developed to the needs of people with various ailments to release from toxins substances, pathogens, parasites and daily life in a polluted environment. The supplement contains 11 components, create an effective complex that helps to remove toxins and neutralize unwanted tenants. The natural composition is a great advantage of the product. The plant extracts used in Detoxyn make it stand out from other competing supplements.

Detoxyn helps to combat chronic fatigue, developed immunity and alleviates allergy symptoms. The supplement effectively improves digestive comfort and freshens breath. Moreover Detoxyn prevents to accumulate the liver fat as well as improves its excretion.


Spirulin Plus is an effective food supplements product that deacidifies our body and take out excess water from the body. The product consists of high quality natural materials that create a unique composition and functions incredibly. The main component of the product is spirulina.

spirulin plus

Use Spirulin Plus colon cleansing pills regularly. It guarantees the elimination of the effects of acid-base balance disorders and increases the immunity of the body.


Fibre Select is the best vital fibre available colon cleansing food supplement product. Fibre Select contains carefully chosen high quality ingredients that effectively cleanse the body toxins, and enhance well-being and overall health. You may get pretty results after a few days.

fibre select

The product is available in powder form. Its flavor is neutral and it can be dissolved in water along with a favorite non-carbonated drink and yoghurt also.

Colon Cleansing Foods that Help Colon Health

The colon needs an adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin D, and flavonoids to prevent tumor growth. Fiber is also essential, as it promotes regular bowel movement and helps limit the buildup of bacteria. Broccoli, Dark leafy greens, Raspberries, Oatmeal is the best source of fibers. These are the best allies in the kitchen which you can include in your diet chart as a colon cleansing diet.


Thanks to a substance called pectin, the apple is a powerful colon cleanser, as it not only helps eliminate toxic substances, but also helps the intestinal lining. Eat it preferably with skin either whole, in compote or in juice.


They are very effective in improving digestion, favoring bowel movements and thus helping to cleanse the colon.


It is an effective remedy for digestive problems and helps the colon cleanse naturally.


The fish that contain high in omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation in the body. In fact, a Vanderbilt University research team found that women who eat three servings of fish a week reduce their risk of developing colon polyps by 33%. The best choices would be baked or smoked salmon, tuna, and sardines, as they are also rich in vitamin D and calcium.

White Meat

Proteins are crucial for muscle development, tissue growth and much more. And since you have to limit your intake of red meat, your healthier alternatives would be skinless chicken or turkey. Eggs are also a good option.

Whole Grains

They are full of fiber that can be combined with fish, eggs and white meat. Healthier options would be brown rice, barley, oatmeal, and quinoa.


Eating at least two one-ounce servings of nuts a week can help keep blood sugar and insulin levels low, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Since they're also packed with fatty acids healthy, fiber and flavonoids, nuts can also help reduce the chances of colon cancer.

Beans and Legumes

To get the benefits and protection beans and legumes provide to your colon, they also help to reduce lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Soybeans, lentils, peas, pinto beans, black beans, and kidney beans are great sources of protein, fiber, B vitamins, and vitamin E.

Limit your intake of red meat (less than 100 grams per day) and processed meats (less than 50 grams per day). A high consumption of these products can increase the chances of colon cancer. Take it seriously.

Take Care of Your Vitamin D Levels

Maintaining good levels of vitamin D is beneficial for a healthy colon. You can recharge your vitamin D levels by sunbathing and including the right foods in your diet. But if you have trouble reaching optimal levels, you can take supplements.

Closing Speech

It is important that your meals are healthy and easily digestible; focus above all on eating vegetables and fruits with fiber and do not abuse protein. Avoid dairy and irritating foods and drink adequate of water to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Regarding colon cleansing you can take natural yogurt or supplements with bacilli. Sauerkraut can also be a good alternative, since cabbage contains glutamine, which is a powerful accelerator in the regeneration of cells in the digestive system.

In addition, if you think that it is time consuming for you to prepare the natural food ingredients mentioned for cleansing the colon at home, then you can consult your doctor about taking food supplements and since food supplements are all prepared with natural food ingredients, of course you can accept.

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