How to Get Lose Weight Without Diet? Few Powerful Tricks!

How to Get Lose Weight Without Diet- Few Powerful Tricks!

Lose weight without diet? Yes. And these are the keys. Among them you cannot miss eating well, exercising, looking at sugar, not suppressing carbohydrates and cooking at home. These are some of the tricks that you can carry out if you want to lose weight.

If you are tired of starving, if you do not want to give up on chocolate, if you do not want to saturate your body with protein, follow the advice that we are suggesting and you will just see how the scale smiles at you. You just have to add to your day to day the little secrets that we share with you.

1. Eat a Little More Often

eat a little more often

Yes, you read it right. What your metabolism needs to stay active is that you don't go into "restrictive mode", the more you deprive it of food, the more it will retain what little you give it. YES. Eat five meals a day that start with a good breakfast, two healthy snacks, a smart meal (depending on the physical activity you are going to do later) and a light dinner. Each digestion uses energy, so if you control the rations, your body will start burning more calories. NO. You skip meals, the only thing you will achieve is cumulating hunger, slowing down your metabolism and enhancing the rebound effect if you diet.

2. Eat Breakfast Like a Queen

eat breakfast like a queen

Nutritionists continue to insist on the significance of the first meal of the day, which is the one that starts the metabolism, the one that provides you with energy, and finally the one that helps you regulate your appetite until food. Of everything. Your breakfast must contain healthy carbohydrates (bread, cereals or whole grain and better biological cookies, without added sugars or fats); natural juice or fresh fruit (better at first to make digestion better); a low-fat dairy or vegetable (if you are lactose intolerant or want to cut calories further), coffee or green tea (your first dose of antioxidants); healthy proteins (Iberian ham, turkey, egg) to take away your hunger; some healthy fat (virgin olive oil!) and something sweet if you feel like it a lot, it's the best time to drink, you have just the whole day to burn it, and like jam without added sugar.

3. Itch Between Meals

itch between meals

In addition to helping, you keep your metabolism active and consuming energy, it is the only way to control your appetite and not go hungry for lunch or dinner with a wolf. Of course, this snacking must be healthy. Psychologically, it will be a "rush" of endorphins to be able to eat when you are hungry. YES. Natural, unroasted nuts, such as walnuts, cashews, almonds, or sunflower seeds; a piece of fresh fruit or a handful of red berries (second antioxidant portion); skimmed yogurt; a puffed rice pancake; a can of tuna in brine or low-fat cold cuts; a couple of oatmeal cookies or a couple of ounces of dark chocolate if you're having a sweet attack.

4. Don't Suppress Hydrates

don't suppress hydrates

Legumes, cereals, bread or whole meal pasta are not to blame for your extra kilos. Your enemies are industrial sweets, sliced bread, salty snacks, sugary cereals and refined foods. These types of fast digesting carbohydrates are the ones that drive the GI out of control, that is, your glycemic index or blood insulin level. YES. Note that always take carbohydrates at breakfast and eat at noon like a plate of pasta, rice or legumes, if you are going to exercise in the afternoon. Take legumes at least three times a week (their fiber is great for your intestines and they take away your hunger for hours) and the rest of the better whole carbohydrates, since they are slowly poured into the bloodstream, do not produce insulin spikes and do not accumulate in the form of fat like refined ones. NO carbohydrates at night. Of everything that comes packaged and looks like fast food, never touch, forget it.

5. Discover The Hidden Sugar

discover the hidden sugar

Do you take food little, try to make it healthy and nutritious and still fail to lose weight? Strictly remember that white sugar, a chemical that does not provide any nutrient to the body and yes, many calories but dangerous and harmful. Do you not take sugar? You may not add it to coffee but you are taking it through bread, packaged vegetables, tetra brick soups or purees, cold cuts, smoked salmon, yogurts, precooked foods … you just have to start reading the labels of what you buy to bring your hands to your head and realize the amount of sugar you ingest accidentally. Less energy. All that sugar is the one that causes insulin spikes, that you are always hungry and that you are low on energy.

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