Amazing Powerful Benefits of Herbal Infusions for Women Health


amazing powerful benefits of herbal infusions for women health

The remedies that we present to you are natural and do not usually have side effects, although sage is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Medicinal plants have beneficial properties for men and women. However, some plants have specific virtues for women's health that make them essential remedies to prevent and treat certain disorders. Discover in this article which balancing infusions can help you regulate your health.

1. Ginger

ginger infusion for women health

Ginger itself and its root is one of the most important for women's health. Many of its properties can effectively treat different female health disorders:

πŸ’š It increases the temperature of the body, so it can help combat the usual cold in the extremities.

πŸ’š They are attributed aphrodisiac properties. It can increase libido, especially during menopause.

πŸ’š Prevents dizziness and nausea during pregnancy and after gynecological operations.

πŸ’š It appears to speed up metabolism, lower cholesterol and contribute to weight loss.

πŸ’š It improves digestive processes, as this publication from the American family physician points out.

πŸ’š Reduces inflammation and rheumatic pain.

Can prepare an infusion to take advantage of its properties:


1. Take 2 or 3 slices of peeled fresh ginger

2. 1 cup of water (250ml)


πŸ‘‰ Heat the water with the ginger slices and let it boil for 5 minutes.

πŸ‘‰ Then allow it to sit for another 5 before sweetening to your liking.

πŸ‘‰ The ginger infusion combines very well with lemon and honey.

πŸ‘‰ We can also use powdered ginger; in which case it does not need to be boiled.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an excellent remedial as well as delicious and aromatic spice for women for the following reasons:

cinnamon infusion for women health

πŸ’™ Calms pain during menstruation and this is what this research published in the Journal of clinical and diagnostic research points out.

πŸ’™ It lowers blood pressure and improves circulation in general.

πŸ’™ It regulates blood sugar levels and can be helpful in treating type 2 diabetes, as this study published in the Journal of diabetes science and technology points out.

Among the cinnamon variety, the most medicinal properties are the Ceylon variety.

Infusions have to be prepared in the following way:


1. 1 cinnamon stick

2. 1 cup of water (250ml)


πŸ‘‰ To prepare the infusion, You will boil the water together with the cinnamon stick for 10 minutes (if you opt for cinnamon powder, it does not need to boil).

πŸ‘‰ After removing it from the heat, let it rest for another 5 minutes.

πŸ‘‰ Cinnamon infusion is delicious if we combine it with a little cocoa, a dash of non-dairy milk and a little honey.

3. Sage

Sage is a shrub of western America having canescent or hoary foliage. The virtues of sage for women are mainly due to its content of phytoestrogens, estrogens of plant origin. These compounds make salvia a very suitable plant for the following disorders:

sage tea for women health

πŸ’› Irregular menses due to lack of estrogen.

πŸ’› Symptoms related to menopause, such as hot flashes, nausea, sweating, migraine or dizziness.

πŸ’› We have to give thanks to phytoestrogens, because sage can also help us balance our emotions when hormonal irregularities cause us states of sadness and depression.

πŸ’› We can prepare the infusion with the leaves and flowers of the plant, fresh or dried.

πŸ’› It is not recommended to consume sage during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, as it reduces milk production.

4. Chasteberry

chasteberry for women health

If the problem is an excess of estrogens, we recommend opting for infusions of Chasteberry (Vitex Agnus Castus), a medicinal plant that has been traditionally used to prevent irregular menstruation and to restore ovulation in women suffering from amenorrhea (absence of periods).

This plant can be helpful in case of polycystic ovary syndrome. It is noticeable that those who are taking oral contraceptives or following any other hormonal treatment, chasteberry should not be taken.

5. Hypericum

hypericum womens healthy living

Hypericum or St. John's wort is a traditional remedy to combat mild depression naturally and avoid having to take antidepressant drugs.

Similarly, it also helps treat anxiety and insomnia caused by nervousness and it has also anti-inflammatory properties that making it a very suitable plant for women suffering from fibromyalgia and or chronic fatigue. Both to help the women physically and to combat the discouragement caused by daily pain.

We should not take hypericum during pregnancy or in combination with other medications.

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