How to Keep Your Pet's Coat Healthy and Shiny


How to Keep Your Pet's Coat Healthy and Shiny

We all love our pets and work hard to keep them healthy and happy. Also, we want them to look as good as they feel and a big part of that is taking care of their coat. From groomed show poodles to working dogs, there are a number of things you can do at home to keep your pet's coat shiny and healthy.

Washing Coat with Special Shampoo

Wash your dog only as often as necessary to avoid excessive dryness of the skin. Also, don't use medicated shampoos unless your dog is currently suffering from skin irritation. Excessive washing and using the wrong type of shampoo can also reduce or reduce the effectiveness of the flea treatment you are applying.

Choose a pet shampoo with a pH formulated for your type of pet. Never use human shampoo on your pet as it can strip the skin of the essential oils it needs for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Each type of dog has a different coat texture and may require a different type of shampoo for best results, so do your research to make sure you find the right shampoo for your pet.

Washing Coat with Special Shampoo
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Try an Oatmeal Bath

Always use a special shampoo for the dog when bathing your dog to avoid drying out his skin and hair. Oatmeal-based shampoos work especially well for dogs that have itchy or inflamed skin. If your dog is spending too much time scratching behind his ears (or elsewhere), check the labels on your dog's shampoo to see if it contains oatmeal. It could be an easy fix. An oatmeal bath can soothe your dog's skin and preserve the luster of the coat. It is inexpensive and is particularly good for dogs that tend to scratch due to allergies. It will relax them and relieve itching.

In a food processor, grind the rolled oats until they have a flour-like consistency. Now fill your bathtub with lukewarm water, add oatmeal powder and stir until you notice foaming. Place your furry pet in the tub to take full advantage of the oatmeal-infused water. Rinse off after five to ten minutes and pat dry.

Try an Oatmeal Bath
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Pamper Your Dog with Oils and Omega

Including fish or fish oil, such as cod liver oil, in your dog's or cat's diet will help maintain a healthy balance of omega-3 fatty acids. This not only strengthens your pet's skin and coat but also contributes to joint health for long and playful life.

Brush Your Dog

Brush your dog often with a simple dog comb to remove tangles. Not only does this keep your dog's coat smooth and shiny, but it also helps reduce your dog's discomfort that can result from matted fur.

Beware of Overbathing or Washing

Beware of bathing your pet too often. Not only can it dry out your small pet's skin and lead to a dull coat, it also interferes with the skin's function as a natural allergy barrier.

When bathing your dog, vets recommend adding a full body massage along with the bath to stimulate oil production and keep the skin and coat soft. Brushing helps release natural oils from the hair follicles.

Be sure to wash your dog's face, especially around the eyes and ears. Check these areas carefully during cleaning to make sure there are no injuries or infections in these sensitive areas.

Provide Quality Food

When deciding what to feed your pet, pay special attention to changes in the condition of their skin and coat. If you want your dog's coat to be strong and healthy, you need to feed him a nutritious diet. When shopping for food, pay attention to the ingredients, and feel free to add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to your pup's food for a little extra shine. Many pets have food intolerances, so it's important to continue to determine what works best for your unique animal.

Protect Against Parasites

Whether your pet spends time indoors or outdoors, all pet owners should be actively involved in flea control because these critters can wreak havoc on your pet's skin. Flea control reduces the risk of itching and irritation on your pet's skin and promotes healthy skin and hair growth.

Turn To Natural Supplements

A healthy coat starts with a healthy diet. Fish oil supplements are great for dogs with skin irritation as they encourage healthy skin oil production to keep the coat smooth and smooth.

Massage Dog Coat with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best remedies for taking care of dehydrated skin and hair. Apply to your dog's coat for an instant, healthy glow. Coconut oil also prevents skin infections and retains moisture after a lukewarm bath.

You can also try adding a few drops of coconut oil to shampoo for a mild effect. For internal use, add a teaspoon of coconut oil to your dog's meals for healthy digestion and hydrated skin.

Take Care of The Dog's Fitness

In addition to a balanced diet and grooming, you can take your dog for walks and exercise regularly. Your pet should exercise every day for a toned body.

Exercise also makes your dog a friendly pet and visibly improves its appearance; eyes, tail, face, and a healthy coat.

Take Care of The Dog's Fitness


Making your dogs' coats shine is hard work. Do your homework on pet-friendly natural oils, combs, and shampoos, and consult a qualified vet to make your dog's hygiene easier.

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