Benefits of Barley Drink, Daily Amount and How to Prepare It

benefits of barley drink, daily amount and how to prepare it

Barley is a cereal known as a winter cereal, since it is harvested during the summer in temperate climatic zones, and its distribution is generally similar to that of wheat. Thanks to its composition rich in nutrients such as manganese, selenium, or certain B vitamins, barley is considered a superfood. Through it, barley water is created, whose benefits have classified it as an essential part of a good diet.

Barley water not only has benefits for our nutritional health but also fights respiratory diseases, in the greatest number of cases, thanks to the amount of magnesium it contains, which helps reduce inflammation of the bronchial membrane.

In addition, other benefits that can be found and that will help in the daily diet are:

💧 Prevent kidney stones

💧 Improves digestion

💧 Control cholesterol

💧 Improve diabetes

💧 Treats urinary tract infections

💧 Helps to brighten the skin

Barley Water Recipe and Intake Recommendations

Barley is a cereal known for its composition rich in nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, selenium, and B vitamins, it is also considered a superfood. With this cereal, the famous barley water can be prepared, which, in addition to having benefits for our nutritional health, is capable of fighting respiratory diseases, as it helps reduce inflammation in the membranes of the bronchi.

It is very rich and is perfect for use in vegan preparations or as a delicious homemade dinner. Keep reading and discover how to make barley water for hot afternoons while we tell you all the benefits and properties of barley water.

Ingredients to Make Barley Water:

 💦 200 grams of roasted barley

 💦 2 liters of water

 💦 1 cinnamon stick

 💦 1 lemon (optional)

 💦 4 tablespoons of sugar (sweetener, sucralose, or panela)

How to Make Barley Water:

1. The first thing to prepare this refreshing barley water is to wash the grains. Soak the barley in a bowl with water and stir the grains to clean them well.

2. Strain the dirty water and repeat this process as many times as you need until the water comes out clean when you strain the grains.

3. In a pot with 2 liters of water and the cinnamon stick, cook the barley until it is tender. Leave it for about 30 to 40 minutes over medium-low heat so it doesn't evaporate completely.

4. Once turned off, let the barley water cool and strain it. Put the sugar or sweetener, or honey of your choice, and add the lemon juice. Serve with plenty of ice and enjoy this delicious and refreshing drink! 

What is Barley Water for - Benefits?

Barley water is a well-known drink for its high nutritional value, which can sometimes exceed that of wheat. In addition to the minerals that we have already mentioned, this prebiotic food contains folic acid, vitamin K, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sulfur, zinc, and other nutrients. Among the benefits of barley water, we have:

what is barley water for benefits

💦 Helps reduce bad cholesterol thanks to its soluble fiber content.

💦 It protects and cleanses the intestinal mucosa, thus helping to improve digestion and treat conditions such as diarrhea.

💦 Its fiber is an excellent ally to treat constipation and balance the intestinal microbiota.

💦 It delays the absorption of glucose and favors its reduction, so it is also recommended for patients with diabetes (in this case, the water is prepared without sugar).

💦 Its selenium content favors the skin and protects it from free radicals.

💦 Its nutrients help maintain keratin, so it also contributes to strengthening hair.

On the other hand, barley water is also sometimes used as a substitute for coffee to avoid caffeine consumption and the side effects caused by its consumption. Barley coffee is made from roasted barley grains and is very common in some European countries and Mexico.

Unlike this recipe, to prepare barley coffee, the roasted grains are first ground, boiled with water for a few minutes, and passed through a cloth strainer. The drink is sweetened to taste or taken alone since its bitterness closely resembles the taste of normal coffee. In this form, it is usually drunk when it is hot, which helps to relax the body in general, but it is also an excellent cold drink to spend the hottest days of summer.

The recommended intake of this drink is 3 cups a day, without exceeding this amount, since the large amount per serving of this superfood can irritate the stomach and alter the routine intestinal rhythms.

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